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Maxxis Mountain Bikes

Maxxis already dominates the mountain bike tyre market segment, confirmed by recent research conducted by Pink Bike which highlighted 60 per cent of consumers looking to replace their mountain bike tyres intended to purchase Maxxis models. The demand for Maxxis across the world continues to grow due to the strength of the brand in off road biking.
Like most great companies, Maxxis started small. Founded in 1967, Maxxis International began as a manufacturer of bicycle tyres in Taiwan. Growing steadily, Maxxis eventually became the largest manufacturer of bicycle tyres in the world – as it is today.
In the ensuing 5 decades, Maxxis has expanded into new markets, offering products for motorcycles, cars, 4x4s, light trucks, trucks and buses, ATVs, lawn and garden products, race karts, industrial vehicles and trailers.

With distribution in approximately 180 countries, operations in Asia, Europe and North America, and 30,000+ employees around the world, Maxxis is one of the largest and most respected tyre companies in the world.

Throughout its history, Maxxis has worked to create lifelong customers. The people who choose the tyres know they can count on Maxxis during every stage of their lives, from those first childhood bike rides through changing careers, modes of transportation, and interests. They know that Maxxis will be there when the time comes for their own children to choose tyres.  

But no matter how large they become, we think that the people at Maxxis will always remember that creating and retaining lifelong customers is their primary purpose.