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How to fit your new rubber tracks

When fitting your new rubber track to your excavator, please follow the following step by step instructions to avoid damaging your new track and potentially voiding your warranty:

  1. Make sure undercarriage is not worn, sprockets are not worn to points and that all rollers and idlers rotate smoothly.  Don’t fit new tracks on worn out undercarriage, it can cause damage.
  2. Ensure the track adjuster is in the fully retracted position.  Often there is a build-up of dirt or a rock behind the idler stopping it from fully compressing.  I promise you, that extra 10mm can make the difference between a quick job and a lot of sweat.  Simply pull the idler out of the track frame and check the track adjuster ram is fully retracted before fitting your new track.  Any obstruction can then be easily cleared.
  3. Always fit the track to the sprocket first!!  This is perhaps one of the most commonly made mistakes.  Fitting to the idler first risks the sprocket cutting into the internals of the track.  This damage is not warrantable.
  4. Now the track is seated on the sprocket, using a crow bar, work the track across and start to feed the inside of the track over the flange of the idler.  You will most likely need to lift the track over the top roller during this phase as well.
  5. Now you can put a crow-bar behind the idler and put pressure on the track by lifting the bar.  Slowly rotate the track forward at the same time as applying pressure and the track will climb over the guide blocks and seat in place.
  6. Re-pressurise the track adjuster.  Ensure the valve has been fully tightened first before pumping in grease.  Tighten to aprox 25mm sag and rotate the track an few times to bed it in before tightening as per manufacturers specifications.
Good luck – any questions feel free to ask one of Big Moose’s experienced fitters.