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How do I get more life out of my rubber tracks?

There is a few basic techniques that Big Moose Tyre and Track recommend you use when operating your rubber tracked machine, that are guaranteed to extend your rubber track wear life and protect your investment.

  1. Track turn, not skid turn.  A very common mistake that puts a lot of extra wear and torsion on rubber tracks.  Essentially a track turn is when you are performing a turn whilst tracking and you keep both tracks turning.  Obviously one track is moving faster than the other, but both are still moving.  In comparison to this, a skid turn is when the turn is performed with one track completely stopped and the other moving.  Using this track turn technique helps avoid debris building up in the track gear.
  2. Watch where you are going!!  Should be obvious, but it seems it is not.  Probably 75% of early track failures are caused by cuts and abrasions due to tracking over hard/sharp materials.  Just because the machine will drive over it, doesn’t mean you should!!  Take a few extra seconds, move the rubble or go around it and save your tracks!!
  3. Keep them clean.  After a day working in wet or sandy conditions, debris will be tightly packed around all your track gear and the tracks themselves.  A few minutes with a hose can save several hundred dollars of damage to your rubber tracks.  Don’t let debris set, build up and compact around your tracks.
  4. Chemical damage.  Petrochemicals such as diesel, hydraulic and engine oil dissolve rubber over time.  Don’t allow your machine to sit in these chemicals overnight, or if you have a spill, clean it up and take your machine for a quick spin in the dirt.

If you have any questions regarding your rubber tracks, feel free to contact us at Big Moose and our experienced fitters will be glad to assist you.