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Choosing Rubber Tracks in Toowoomba

This is a question we at Big Moose often get asked.  There is so many different brands of rubber tracks out on the market now, how do I know what to buy.

Whether you choose DRT Rubber Tracks from Big Moose or not, the following pointers might help you make the best choice for your needs.

  1. Where are they based?  It can be very tempting when you see cheap rubber tracks for sale on the internet.  But consider this, if something goes wrong, who is there to help you sort your problems out?  A track supplier that is 2,000KM away is going to find it very easy to put you in the too hard basket and leave you to your misery.  Oftentimes it is best to buy local, even if it is a little more.  Your local supplier is far more likely to help you out, they want your future business, they don’t want a bad name in town and they don’t want you to come and throw a brick through their front window!!
  2. Do they know what they are doing?  It is so easy in the internet age to buy a container of cheap Chinese tracks from Alibaba and set yourself up as a rubber track “expert” – but really, how many years of experience do they have?  Do they fit tracks and understand the mechanics?  Simple but important details.
  3. What warranty do they offer?  Some offer very short warranties which are pro-rated.  This means that every month into the warranty the compensation amount drops.  Essentially this type of supplier is saying that they have no confidence in their own product.  Other suppliers offer crazy long warranties (eg 24 months for excavators).  By the time you reach 2 years, rubber tracks will obviously have wear and tear, minor cuts and abrasions, this is normal.  But how do you then determine what is warranty and what is damage?  You can’t.  It is very questionable if this type of supplier intends to honor claims made.
  4. What is the weight of the track?  Many suppliers are using thinner tracks with less steel and less tread to reduce the cost.  These tracks are obviously lighter than a good quality track.  If the track you are quoted on is substantially lighter than average, there is a good chance it is not much better than an elastic band when it comes to quality.
Big Moose has an on-site fitting service with a fully kitted service truck.  Our experienced technicians and diesel mechanics are available for on-site work anywhere in the Toowoomba region.

I trust these few pointers help you with your decision when you need to buy rubber tracks.  Any questions, give Big Moose a call and we’ll steer you in the right direction.