Diesel Refuelling Tanks

Big Moose Tyre and Track has become a major distributor of the Rapid Spray diesel refuelling range. These products fit in perfectly with our customers using Big Moose Tyre and Track for earthmoving and agricultural rubber tracks and tyres. These immensely tough and robust units will stand up to years of use and abuse without letting your down. If you have ever had a diesel engine run out of fuel you will know how hard they can be to start again.

Why waste your precious time on hand priming fuel pumps and cracking injector lines? Carry a portable Rapid Diesel tank from Big Moose Tyre and Track in the back of your ute and keep your machinery rolling.

Most common sizes are kept in stock. Many options are available such as digital flow metres, high flow pumps and mounting frames/trailers. View the catalogue below for information and you will find all the items and the prices. The most common are the Genius units on page 4 and 5.

Why choose a Genius Diesel Tank?

  • Padlockable cover
  • Spill and dust proof breather
  • Fuel strainer under cap
  • Cover locking point to prevent theft
  • 4m of electrical cable with battery clips and protective fuse
  • 4m or 6m hose with auto shut off nozzle for easy reach
  • Padlockable 3" filler cap
  • Weatherproof lockable pump cover