Puncture Repairs

Punctures... We all get them. Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba will get you back on the road in no time.

Most punctures can be done while you wait. While repairing your tyre we will also pressure check and inspect all your other tyres including the spare. You will also be given a professional assessment and honest report on the nature of the puncture.

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Wheel Alignments

At Big Moose Tyre and Track Toowoomba we understand that attention to detail and spending time in adjusting the vehicle pays off with a perfect wheel alignment every time.

We take out time to ensure your wheels are perfectly align, making adjustments to items such as caster, camber, toe, thrust and ride height, not just toe adjust. We then test drive your vehicle, and check its steering and provide honest advice and feedback.

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Wheel Balancing

To achieve maximum tyre life wheel balance must be correct. Big Moose Tyre & Track's Toowoomba facility has modern, accurate equipment that will ensure your wheel balance is perfect.

Call into Big Moose Tyre & Track in Toowoomba regulary and for a small fee we can check and correct wheel balance.

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Brake Repair and Replacement

Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba are your local brake experts. We assess the brakes on every car the comes into our workshop and provide our customers with sound advice. Brake pads can be quickly replaced while your car is recieving wheel and tyre work.

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If you need a battery in Toowoomba call into Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba. We stock quality batteries manufactured by Delkor for every application. A battery testing unit is also on hand to test your existing battery.

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Mobile Fitting

Big Moose Tyre & Track offers mobile fitting for trucks, construction and agricultural equipment. No matter if you are in your depot, out on the side of the highway or in the middle of a paddock we will come to you.

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Rubber Tracks for Agriculture and Construction

Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba is a major distributor for the Victorian based company Tuff Stuff Australia PTY LTD

We travel all over the Darling Downs and northern New South Wales for our rubber track customers so get in touch with Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba next time you require rubber tracks.

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Nitrogen Filling

Purified nitrogen has been used to inflate the tyres of racing cars, aircraft and heavy commercial vehicles for some time. However it is only relatively recently that it has come to be used in regular passenger cars.

Big Moose tyre and track Toowoomba says the use of Nitrogen to inflate passenger car tyres has some benefits that may be of interest to the motoring enthusiast.

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Tyre Re-Grooving

Big moose tyre and track Toowoomba offers a tyre re-grooving service. This can only be done to truck and bus tyres that state the word re-groovable on the sidewall. Due to the heavy construction of truck tyres the grooves can be re cut giving the tyre longer life. A perfect application for re grooved tyres is trailers and off highway vehicles.

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