Brake Repair and Replacement

Brake Repairs

Brakes are the single most important item on your car, yet we so often overlook and underestimate the importance of the work these items do. Brakes generate extreme heat and are working in rain and mud.

There are a few key warnings that the brakes need attention which include:

  • A low or soft brake pedal
  • A spongy feel to the pedal
  • Brake warning light flashing
  • A squeeling and screeching noise when the brakes are applied

Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba are your local brake experts. We assess the brakes on every car the comes into our workshop and provide our customers with sound advice. Brake pads can be quickly replaced while your car is recieving wheel and tyre work.

Brake rotors can wear and this is seen by the size of the lip on the outer edge of the brake rotor. These can be smoothed or replaced by machines. Different budgets are catered for with a number of brands and varying qualities of brake componants recommended.

Brake fluid is the life blood of the whole system and is operating at very high pressure and heat. This fluid can age and absorb moisture overtime so Big Moose Tyre & Track's brake experts will also ensure your fluid is up to standard.