Nitrogen Filling

The air we breathe and inflate our tyres with contains 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% other gasses. Purified nitrogen has been used to inflate the tyres of racing cars, aircraft and heavy commercial vehicles for some time. However it is only relatively recently that it has come to be used in regular passenger cars. Big Moose tyre and track Toowoomba says the use of Nitrogen to inflate passenger car tyres has some benefits that may be of interest to the motoring enthusiast. (if you use your car for track days you need to try a session with nitrogen)


Tyres perform their best when they are inflated to the recommended tyre pressure for the application. Not only can nitrogen assist in maintaining the correct tyre pressure for longer, the large reduction of other gases and water vapour found in your tyres result in a more consistent pressure at higher operating temperatures. Many motor racing teams will only use nitrogen in their tyres for this reason. A tyre used at highway or track speeds can gain as much as 10psi on a hot day, a tyre filled with nitrogen may only rise 1 or 2 psi. This means tyre performance remains consistent and tyre wear is more predictable and controlled. A tyre filled with air may lose several psi over a period of time due to the natural porosity of rubber as a product, the same tyre filled with nitrogen will remain stable due to nitrogen being denser than air.

Nitrogen Filling


Tyres inflated to the correct tyre pressure roll with less friction thus reducing the physical wear on the tyre. Nitrogen also assists with the elimination of oxygen and water vapour from the tyre which can cause both corrosion of the rim and oxidation of the tyre casing. This is an important factor for tyres that require a longer service life or for vehicles in continuous operation such as the transportation and mining industries.

Using nitrogen does not remove or reduce the need to check tyre pressures as the risk of a puncture or slow leak is not altered. Big Moose Tyre and track Toowoomba reiterates that Nitrogen cannot replace regular tyre maintenance. Regardless of what inflation gas is used, maximum tyre life will only be achieved if the vehicle and tyres are properly maintained. That means regular checking of tyre pressures, wheel balance and alignment.

DID YOU KNOW that nitrogen is the best product to fill vehicle and caravan airbags with. Some of our customers at Big Moose tyre and track Toowoomba have completed trips around the country and never had to add more pressure to the airbags. Also when your tyres are inflated with nitrogen Big Moose tyre and track Toowoomba will fit a coloured valve cap, normally red or green not the usual black. This is a reminder not to add regular air but to call back into our shop to have your tyre pressure checked.