Puncture Repairs

Puncture Repairs

Punctures... We all get them. Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba will get you back on the road in no time.

Most punctures can be done while you wait. While repairing your tyre we will also pressure check and inspect all your other tyres including the spare. You will also be given a professional assessment and honest report on the nature of the puncture.

At Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba we do not short cut and use temporary plugs. All tyres are removed from the rim, the rubber ground out and special adhesives used to properly patch the tyre. The tyre is then reinstalled on the rim, rebalanced and put back on the car.

A properly repaired puncture does not in anyway detract from the tyres structural integrity. Just remember any puncture that is located in the side wall of the tyre are unable to be fixed.

Agricultural and construction machinary can suffer large punctures and substantial tyre damage. It is not uncommon to see fist sized holes in these applications. Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba can handle these issues. Our mobile service trucks can remove damaged tyres and refit replacements promptly. The tyres will be sent away to a professional tyre repair company to return them back to good working order. This process normally involves a 3-5 day lead time.

Next time you are unlucky enough to get a puncture in Toowoomba call into Big Moose Tyre & Track. There is no need to book in!