Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the single most critical factor in achieving maximum tyre life and an enjoyable driving experiance.

At Big Moose Tyre and Track Toowoomba we understand that attention to detail and spending time in adjusting the vehicle pays off with a perfect wheel alignment every time.

Did you know that a growing number of modern cars have fully adjustable rear wheel alignment? This can be just as involved as setting up the front. Dont be caught in the trap of going for the cheapest and quickest wheel alignment being offered in town.A simple toe adjust can be quick and easy and it may make the car steer straight, but before long uneven tyre wear will start to appear. Expensive tyres can be chewed out in no time. At Big Moose Tyre and Track we make many other adjustments to items such as caster, camber, toe, thrust and ride height.

We test drive every vehicle on our own specific lap around the estate, we apreciate customers allowing this as it is vital to check real world feel against computer print outs. We check the steering wheel is straight whilst in motion, check for pulling right or left and ensure the vehicle responds well to changing road camber.

A great wheel alignment can also be of no use if steering components such as tie rod ends and steering racks are worn. Big Moose Tyre and Track Toowoomba checks the vehicles steering components and provides honest advice and feed back to the car owner.