Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

When a new tyre is fitted to a rim of a car or light commercial it must be balanced.

New tyres have special markings to identify heavy spots in the tyre and these must be correctly placed on the rim. The wheel balance is required to ensure when the tyre is spinning at high speed there are no shudders or unwanted sensenations travelling from the wheel up through the steering componants and ultimately into your hands on the wheel.

To achieve maximum tyre life wheel balance must be correct. Big Moose Tyre & Track's Toowoomba facility has modern, accurate equipment that will ensure your wheel balance is correct.

Call into Big Moose Tyre & Track in Toowoomba regulary and for a small fee we can check and correct wheel balance. The small lead weights that you will see clipped onto the external face of the rim or adhered to the inside of modern car rims are absolutly critical in ensuring a smooth ride and maximum tyre life. These are very accuratly placed and measured to the exact gram with the help of a computer.

Usually a rebalance would be coupled with a rotate so your tyres spend some time on each corner of your car to ensure even wear on your tyres. Roundabouts and the natural road camber can all cause uneven wear.

A regular professional rotate and wheel balance at Big Moose Tyre & Track Toowoomba can save you dollars in the long run.