Over Tyre Tracks

Big Moose’s DRT Over Tyre Tracks are a fantastic option for your skidsteer if you require more traction in soft and/or wet conditions.

These tracks will turn your skidsteer into an unstoppable beast!! In fact, many customers tell us that their DRT OTT fitted skidsteers have significantly more traction than a dedicated track machine, for a lot less money!

Easy to fit and even faster and easier to remove, you can easily interchange between wheels and tracks depending on your job – effectively giving you 2 machines in 1.

The DRT OTT tracks are available from Big Moose Tyre and Track as a steel only or a steel with rubber pad style track to enable operation on paved surfaces.

Most skidsteers with 10” or 12” width tyres can be fitted with DRT over tyre tracks. Certain models will require wheel spacers to increase clearance between tyre and frame in order to provide fitment.

Give us a call at Big Moose today with your machine model and get your machine fitted up with DRT Over Tyre Tracks.

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