Rubber Pads

Rubber Pads are a DRT specialty. Every Big Moose DRT rubber pad comes standard with high tech wear resistant rubber compound and are single piece molded to ensure consistent quality and maximum wear-resistance.

Big Moose’s DRT rubber pads are available in three fitment styles with widths from 250mm to 700mm to suit most makes of model of excavator in Australia. The fitment styles include:

Bolt-on Rubber Pads

Bolt-on rubber pads are the most commonly used type and are bolted through the existing pre-drilled track shoes.

Clip-on Rubber Pads

Clip-on Rubber Pads are used where track shoes are fitted but are not pre-drilled for bolt on style pads. These pads have a clip each end of the pad which wraps around the track she and securely holds the pad to the shoe. These are also the fastest and easiest pads to remove and refit.

Chain-on Rubber Pads

Chain-on rubber pads also known as “Roadliner” style pads are used when pads are required but track shoes are not fitted. A heavy duty steel backing is fully molded into the pad which is bolted direct to the track chain.

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