Puncture Proof Tyres – Skidsteer

Are you having problems with punctures and or rim roll offs on your skidsteer loader?

Big Moose’s range of skidsteer puncture proof tyres are what you need. You will never have another puncture or roll-off again – guaranteed!!

The puncture proof tyres are engineered with 3 layers of unique rubber compounds, from tough hardwearing rubber on the tread, through to a soft impact absorbing rubber internally to provide a smooth ride.

The offset aperture sidewall technology provides extra impact resistance and a smooth ride in tough conditions.

Typically lasting approximately 5 times longer than standard pneumatic tyres, the DRT Puncture Proof tyres are ideal for tough and abrasive applications.

The Puncture Proof Tyres are initially supplied as a rim and tyre package, however, replacement tyres can be pressed on to the existing rims if you ever do happen to wear them out.

Call today for more information and Big Moose will get you working – puncture free!!